Engagement Photos – Brian and Jen


Our great friends Brian and Jen have decided to tie the knot next fall, and we couldn’t be more happy for them. Even though the wedding is a year away, Jen (an uber planner, and possibly the greatest gal you’ll ever meet) is in full wedding prep mode. As a little engagement gift I took them on a short hike up Mary’s Peak (one of their favorite spots) for a session of engagement photos. We only had 45 minutes to catch the sun but they had no trouble radiating the love!

DSC_6948 DSC_6977 DSC_6981 DSC_6985 DSC_7003 DSC_7009 DSC_7046 DSC_7056 DSC_7051 DSC_7037

Happy to-be guys!


Stone Fruit Tart


One of my fondest food memories with my Deustchen Grandmother was spending time in her kitchen making plum tarts. It was something we came to do together during summer months when stone fruit, especially plums, were ripe and ready.

As I was flipping through the July edition of Bon Apetit this weekend, low and behold, there was a recipe for our dear baked dish…and it looked, even to my sleepy Saturday eyes, to be surprisingly easy (?)! For those who cooked as a child (or read B&A regularly), you know that this is indeed a shock. What I remember as hours of rolling, kneading, slicing and sprinkling in reality probably took Grandma and I about 15 minutes!

It was a little different from my Grandmother’s recipe, but nostalgia hits deep (especially on the taste buds), so I decided to try mixing a little of what I remember from those summer afternoons at Grandmas with a modern B&A twist.

Stone Fruit Tart

What you’ll Need:

  • 1 sheet frozen puff pastry (14 oz.) or any kind or pastry dough you prefer
  • 3-4 red plums, apricots or peaches (we’d exclusively use tart plums), cut into 1/2″ wedges
  • 1/4 cup sugar with 1 tsp. cinnamon mixed in
  • 1/2 tsp. honey
  • Flaky Sea Salt

What you’ll Do:

Preheat oven to 425 (or pay attention to the package directions). Roll pastry shell/dough into a 9×9 or 9×13 baking dish. Prick with fork all over. Top with single layer of stone fruit and sprinkle liberally with sugar and cinnamon mixture. Drizzle honey and flake sea salt on top. Bake according to pastry directions, usually no longer than 15-20 minutes. Enjoy!


IMG_0674 IMG_0681 IMG_0693 IMG_0702

Photo Drop

summer titletrack_edited-1


So it’s been a while…and two (and perhaps only) readers have reminded me I need to keep them up on our happenings out West. Well loads of things are are in motion including many trips both east and north, and many life adventures including a few new career experiences and celebrating our third wedding anniversary. Keeping in the spirit of this blog I’ll let the pictures tell the story.

Here’s to spring turning to summer in the NW!

Vancouver, B.C. Here we come!



IMG_0361 IMG_0369

Rivers, city fountains, this girl couldn’t get enough of the Canadian waterfront!IMG_0375 IMG_0381 IMG_0355

Did we buy it or didn’t we…

IMG_0350 IMG_0344


Best places to feast in B.C.

IMG_0403 IMG_0414

Celebrating Lucy’s 7th Birthday with a bang!

IMG_0450 IMG_0455 IMG_0471

Peanut Butter “pup-cakes”


One happy girl.

Camping in Style

IMG_0474 IMG_0477 IMG_0480

Boys in the hot springs.

IMG_0487 IMG_0493 IMG_0498

Whale Watching tour in Depoe Bay, OR

IMG_0508 IMG_0512 IMG_0520

This super dog is trained to spot whales (one ear flaps over when she sees or smells one approaching).

Summer Solstice Brunch

IMG_0525 IMG_0531 IMG_0534

Trip back to the Midwest

IMG_0541 IMG_0542

Driving the boat in Indiana


Catching a bit of football fever in Milwaukee.

Wine Touring in the Willamette (always one of our favorite summer activities)

IMG_0312 IMG_0315

Inspiration for my future kitchen.

Anniversary number 3!

DSC_6744 DSC_6772 DSC_6774 DSC_6801



Mother’s Day


Callie&Linz-5 Title_edited-3

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and this year one of my greatest friends gets to celebrate  for the first time. We took a quick trip to Denver, CO last week to visit Lindsey, her husband Dan – and to meet the new one: Miss Callie Jeanne. Otherwise known as the best baby in the world.  At just 3-months she is a blissful baby for her doting parents, sleeping 12-hour nights, smiling, and posing for a set of adorable photos.


Tummy Time

Callie&Linz-8 Callie&Linz-10

Lindsey: best friend, and now, best mom ever!


Callie&Linz-12 Callie&Linz-4

Can’t wait to go back. No growing while I’m gone missy! Happy Mother’s Day!

Easter Feast

Easter Feast-1-2

After a long work week that included two portrait sessions with two gorgeous ladies (see below), it was a relief to sit down to an Easter feast this Sunday with our friends and neighbors, Chad and Lorene. While the dogs scampered about tussling over the raw-hides, we enjoyed a subtle blend of winter comfort foods: Brad’s best yet honey-glazed ham, baked beans, (an Alton Brown 16 hour recipe– yep, you read that right!) and corn pudding, with some of spring’s freshest offering: mixed greens and fresh asparagus.

Wine was aplenty and Chad’s chocolate cheesecake practically tipped me over.

Happy Easter everyone!

Easter Feast-1 Easter Feast-1-3 24-final

Portrait session with Lauren, writer extraordinaire.

21-final 18-final Judy-1-2

Judy, a very talented local artist and teacher.




A Trip to the Frisco Bay


San Francisco

After feeling a bit soggy these past spring weeks we decided a sun-seeking trip south was in order. There’s a whole lot to love in San Francisco: good friends, great food, a stellar music scene, so a long drive (even one with a speeding ticket) couldn’t hold us back.


I scoured Pinterest on the way down south and found a great Design Sponge “Must See” list that included shops on Valencia that even the locals were clamoring over.



Pastry stop? Yes please!


Listening to the blues, street-side.


Lox on San Fran sourdough topped with avocado, red onions and lots of capers.



Coit Tower



Grilled cheese anyone? (Right off the wheel)


When our bellies were full and wallets emptied we decided it was best to return north…only this time we brought the sunshine back.

Until next time, stay classy S.F.


Oregon Adventuring: A Trip to Silver Falls

After a seven-day stretch of showers the skies opened up on Saturday, and Oregonians took full advantage. We were no exception. We hung up the rain jackets, left our umbrellas at home and, ironically, ventured out to seek more falling water.

We wound our way through the foothills of the Cascade Mountains to Silver Falls State Park, home to paths, trails and ten of the most beautiful waterfalls you will find in the Northwest. It was a perfect day to walk amongst the moss-ridden trees, feel a spritz of falling water, and get a much needed dose of Vitamin D.

IMG_0093 IMG_0088 IMG_0099 IMG_0090 IMG_0091 IMG_0095